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War of 1812
In July 1812 the United States went
to war with British and their Native
American allies.
Fearing a massacre
American General William hull
surrendered Detroit
An attempt in Canada by General
William Hull was also unsuccessful.
American navel forces fared better
in the war, winning victories.
Oliver Perry seized control of Lake
American privateers staged attacks on
British ships and captured numerous
When the creek people were
defeated at the battle of horseshoe
bend, they were forced to give up
most of their lands to the united
The British offence
When its war with Canada
(Napoleon) ended in 1814, the
British were able to concentrate
their forces against the united
In august the British troops burned
the city of Chesapeake bay.
The British then sailed north to
An American naval force defeated
the British at, and e British
retreated to Canada.
The treaty of Ghent ended the
war on 12/24 /1812
Unaware of the peace treaty, a final
battle was fought at new Orleans
Andrew Jackson led his soldiers to a
decisive victory.
The general’s resulting fame
helped him win the election in
The triumph at new Orleans and
the signing of the peace treaty
led Americans to feel a renewed
sense of patriotism and a strong
national identity.