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Ch 7, The War of 1812
Section 4
FILL IN THE BLANK: On a separate sheet of paper, or on the back of Sec 3
paper, write out the following statements and fill in the blanks. Be sure to put a line
under the answer.
1. In 1812, the United States and _________________ went to
2. As a result of the decline in trade during the war,
_____________________________ in the United States was
forced to grow.
3. Captain ________________ was given the task of breaking
Britain’s control of Lake Erie.
4. The Battle of ______________________ was the last major
conflict of the War of 1812.
5. As commander of the Tennessee militia,
_________________ defeated the Creek Indians at the Battle
of Horseshoe Bend.
6. President Madison was forced to flee when the British
attacked __________________________ and set fire to
many government buildings.
7. A disadvantage the United States faced in the war was that
its _________ was not as large or as powerful as that of
Great Britain.
8. The __________________________ was a gathering of New
England Federalists who opposed the War.
9. Signed in Belgium on December 24, 1814, the
____________________________________ ended the War
of 1812.
10.One of the positive effects of the war was that it increased a
feeling of _____________________among Americans.