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War of 1812 Brochure
Left Panel-Pre War:
 Create a cause and effect chart of events leading up to the War
of 1812. You should include:
o Impressment
o Embargo Act
o Battle of Tippecanoe
 List and identify the “major players” involved in the pre-war
o War Hawks
o Tecumseh
o William Henry Harrison
Middle-War and Major Battles:
 Describe the state of the U.S. Army at the start of the war; the
disadvantages and advantages.
 List and describe each of the battles of the War of 1812
o Battle of Lake Erie
o Battle of Thames
o Battle of Lake Champlain
o Battle of New Orleans
 Explain the Treaty of Ghent
 Major Players
o Oliver Perry
o William Henry Harrison
o Andrew Jackson
Right Panel-Aftermath: America After the War:
 Describe each of the following results of the war:
o Era of Good Feelings-nationalism and patriotism
o Oregon-Convention of 1818
o Adams-Onís Treaty
o Mexican Independence
o Monroe Doctrine