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By: Jouanna Marie L. Uy
Oral Communication
◦ The integrated English for Effective Communication (IEEC) presents an integrated approach to
listening and speaking. The sequence builds up from guided drills under Interact and acquire.
Scaffolding is evident as each component guides the learner to develop ways of processing
information. From Theory to Practice bases the application of skills on real-life situations where
the learner develops collaboration and interpersonal skills. The design of the instruction takes
into consideration the core standards for Senior High School and the College Readiness standards.
These listening and skills will not only equip learners to succeed in college but also prepare them
for the 21st century challenges. The authors offer Senior High School English teachers innovative
ways to teach oral communication in context through a variety of instructional materials that are
learner-centered, relevant, culture responsive, and task based, so that young Filipino learners can
become good listeners and good speakers of English.
The Subject
 Oral Communication in context work text presents an integrated approach to listening and
 The course provides venues to the learners.
 It displays the ability to use Oral Communication skills effectively for intrapersonal,
interpersonal, and group interactions in different sociolinguistic situations.
 Each lesson begins with an introductory prompt.
 Builds with drills.
 Identifying strategies used in the lesson.
 Unit 1: Introduction to Communication
 Unit 2: Communicative Competence
 Unit 3: Speech Writing and Delivery
 Unit 4: Public Speaking
Activities in Class
 We do Group Activities
 Oral Recitation
 Declamation and Oration
 Role-Play
 Group Projects
 Essay Writing
As A Senior High Student
◦ As a Senior High Student we encounter many task that is ask to do so in order to
enhance our communication skills. At first we are shy to do such given task due to
lack of confidence and we are new to the people watching us. But as time went by
we manage to adjust and do as what our teacher advises as to do. We have done
several activities like chanting, role plays, essay writing, etc.. With this we are able
to learn oral presentation skills in a range of blended learning contexts across
diverse disciplines.
Communication is a systematic process in which individuals interact through
symbols to create and interpret meaning. It involves at least seven elements:
source, message, encoding, decoding, receiver, communication channel, feedback.
The models of communication are linear, interactive, and transactional.
Communication may be verbal or non verbal. Verbal communication is through
oral expression of the idea or message. Non verbal communication is done
through actions, facial expressions, or body language.
I personally feel communication is the most important thing to us people.
Without communication we will be having a hard time understanding each other.
Oral communication can be spoke face to face or through the phone. I think that
the most effective form of communication is face to face. I have always found
more accomplish during communicating personally. I believe things are talked
through more in detail than a typical phone call or e-mail.