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Communication and
Document Formatting
BCS‐BE‐1: The student exhibits appropriate oral
and written communication on personal and
professional levels.
Essential Question:
How can you communicate your thoughts, ideas
and opinions in a professional and effective
What Is Communication?
• Communication is defined as a process by
which we assign and convey meaning in an
attempt to create shared understanding.
Why is Communication Important?
• Communication helps
human beings to connect
with each other as
individuals and as
independent groups.
• Here are some of the
reasons, which explain why
communication is
– Information Dissemination
– Expressing Emotions/ Ideas
– Education
– Building Relationships
– Entertainment
– Decision-Making
Types of Communication
Based on Communication
• Verbal
Based on Style & Purpose
• Formal
• Informal
• Non Verbal
See page 160 in your
text book for more
Strategies to Improve your Listening Skills:
Maintain eye contact with the instructor
Focus on content, not delivery
Avoid emotional involvement
Avoid distractions
Treat listening as a challenging mental task
Stay active by asking mental questions
Use the gap between the rate of speech and
your tare of thought
Communication Model
• Research the Listening/Active Listening
communication model
• Create, label and define all parts of the
communication model. (You can use a chart,
Thinking Map, Flow Chart, etc.) You can use
MS Word or construction paper.
• Save and upload to in Synergy using this
format (ListeningModel_Transey)