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The Middle and New
Kingdoms in ancient
The rise of Egypt
How did the Egyptians use the Nile River?
What was the significance of the Pharaoh?
How would you describe religion in Egypt?
How would you describe what Egyptians believed about the
What was the advantage of the
position of Egypt along the Nile
Rise of the Middle Kingdom
- Pharaohs began to lose money (why?)
- Rich nobles were able use their positions of power to take
power away from the pharaoh (how?)
- 2200 BCE = The Old Kingdom fell, and for the next 160 years,
the nobles fought for power
- 2050 BCE = Mentuhotep II comes to power and reunites all of
Egypt, which signifies the beginning of the Middle Kingdom
Rise of the New Kingdom
- Ahmose rises to power and brings Egypt back to glory
- The New Kingdom lasts from 1550 BCE to 1050 BCE
- How would the Egyptians prevent invasions in the future?
- Egypt began to make a name for themselves across their
region, and became very rich
- With all of this conquered territory, Egyptians came in contact
with different people (How would this help grow their