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Chapter 5 Study Guide: Ancient Egypt
Name _________________________
Period ________
Directions: Answer the following questions on a separate piece of paper. No need to use complete
sentences. Use this as a study tool for the chapter test.
1. What is the world’s longest river?
2. What did Egyptians make their homes out of?
3. What was one of the highest jobs in ancient Egypt?
4. What did astronomy help ancient Egyptians develop?
5. What was the Egyptian religion?
6. When did the Old Kingdom start?
7. What did pharaoh Khufu build?
8. Who invaded Egypt during the Middle Kingdom from the northeast?
9. What queen became pharaoh after her husband died?
10. What change did pharaoh Akhenaton bring about in Egypt?
11. How did the Nile River floods differ from those of the Tigris and Euphrates?
12. What innovation did the Egyptians use to spread water across their crops?
13. What Egyptian resource was found in Nubia?
14. What group in Egyptian society served as astronomers?
15. What process was supposed to help people use their bodies after death?
16. What was the capital of Egypt during the Old Kingdom?
17. Why did Khufu build the Great Pyramid?
18. How did Egyptian art change under Akhenaton?
19. How did Hatshepsut’s reign end?
20. What did Egypt experience under Ramses II?
21. How did heavy rains in Ethiopia affect Egypt?
22. What advantage did the Nile offer for transportation?
23. What system involves bartering?
24. Which word is related to papyrus? (Hint: you’re writing on it)
25. How did the Egyptians and Sumerians view afterlife?
26. What did Egyptians think would happen to the pictures they put into tombs?
27. Who did the New Kingdom pharaohs try to hide their tombs from?
28. Who had the most power during the Middle Kingdom?
29. What did Ramses II do after claiming victory over the Hittites?
30. How did Egypt change after Ramses II died?