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Egypt Study Guide
Middle Kingdom
afterlife for commoners started during this time
New Kingdom
built an empire to keep invaders out
Old Kingdom
great age of pyramid building
United Kingdom
combined Upper and Lower Egypt
set of rapids in a river
triangular, marshy region at the mouth of a river
rulers from a single family
method of preserving the pharaohs
goodness includes justice, right, truth, and order
Book of the Dead
full of charms and chants
regional districts, groups of villages
the name of the ruler who united Egypt in 3200 BC.
Lower Egypt
water or deserts
Mesopotamian traders
the delta area in Egypt is within
early in its history Egypt was protected on most sides by
influenced the Egyptians to develop writing and 2 kingdoms.
the pharaohs
were responsible for the sun rising and falling.
the spread of Egyptian culture around the Nile
the time period between Egyptian Kingdoms
New Kingdom
when did ownership of the lands of Egypt passed to the pharaohs
an Egyptian form of writing
The most important person in the Egyptian society was
The Rosetta Stone
used to translate hieroglyphics
how the Egyptians describe their pharaoh
Ramesses II
direction the Nile River flow
rules for 67 years, fathered most children, built incredible amounts
What did the Egyptians learned from the Hyksos?