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Gravity/An invisible force that pulls a less massive object to a more massive object
orbit/the path of one object in space around another object
solar system/the sun and everything that revolves around the Sun
galaxy/a system that is made up of billions of stars, star clusters and glowing clouds
of dust and gas
universe/all of the galaxies and the space around them; everything in space
nebula/a cloud of dust and gas within a galaxy
Big Bang Theory/the theroy that the universe was created by a huge explosion
trajectory/the curve that a body in space takes in orbit
Revolution/an object spinning around another object (Earth traveling around the sun)
rotation/a planet spinning on its axis; an object spinning in isolation
Geocentric/the theory that Earth is the center of our solar system; it stated that the sun
revolves around the Earth
Heliocentric/the correct theory that the sun is the center of our solar system; Earth
revolves around the sun
Ptolemy/astronomer who came up with the first theory about the universe; geocentric
Copernicus/astronomer who challenged the geocentric theory; came up with the
heliocentric theory
Galileo/first astronomer to use the telescope
lunar Eclipse/an eclipse of the moon; when the moon passes into the shadow of Earth
solar Eclipse/an eclipse of the sun; when the moon passes directly between our space
on Earth and the sun
gibbous/the moon phase when approximately 3/4 of the surface is reflecting the sun's
crescent/thin curved shape of the moon when it's at its smallest
waning/growing smaller
waxing/growing larger