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Evolution Video Reflection Activities
(Green Group)
Watch the video clips from:
As you watch, take notes on vocabulary words and other ideas presented in the videos.
Using the given outline and list of vocabulary terms, fill in the blanks in the outline showing
your understanding of the theory of evolution, the people who contributed to the theory or whose
ideas were built upon, and the issues related to the theories acceptance (or non-acceptance). You
may use a dictionary to find the meaning for words that you do not understand or are unfamiliar
with. When you have finished filling in the blanks, tape record yourself on your ipad reading the
evolution reflection.
Terms to be used in the evolution reflection paper:
a. adaptation
b. genetic variation
c. successful reproduction
d. species seperation
e. struggle to survive
f. genetic change
g. natural selection
h. speciation
i. selective breeding
j. trait
k. ancestor
l. Thomas Malthus and Charles Lyell
m. overproduction
n. fossil
o. inherited variation
p. Darwin
q. HMS Beagle
r. Galapagos
s. division
Draw a picture, create a collage, design a poster that represents evolution in action. Give your
picture a title. The picture can include words other than the title, but words are not required.
Theory of Evolution Video Reflection Outline
The theory of evolution by ___________ _____________ was discovered by a man
named ___________ ______________.
A. Darwin’s journey began as a result of __________________________________.
1. He began his travels in ________________.
2. The ship he traveled on was called the_________________________.
3. He traveled to __________________________________. On his travels
he ________________________________________________________
B. After the voyage, Darwin returned home. He began to review the notes he had
taken and study the specimens he had collected. This process took ___________
C. As he placed pieces of information together, he developed the theory of evolution
by natural selection. The theory included 4 parts:
D. He also developed a theory about natural selection by ____________. Darwin
proposed 3 ways a new species of organism could be created:
E. Different species of organism can also be developed by humans through the
process of _____________ ______________.
Darwin used the work of 2 other scientists to help further explain and justify his theory of
evolution, __________ ___________ and ___________ _____________.
A. Lyell and Malthus work was in the field of ______________.
B. They used __________ evidence to describe how __________ were passed down
through generations by an organisms ______________, resulting in ___________
C. Over time and many generations, a species of organism may undergo a
__________ ____________ and may then be better suited for its environment.