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Weather Unit
Water Cycle
TEK: Differentiate between weather and climate. Explain how the Sun and ocean interact in the
*Evaporation: occurs when a liquid changes to a gas
*Condensation: occurs when water vapor condenses
*Precipitation: rain, sleet, hail, or snow due to gravity
*Ground Water: liquid water collected on the surface of earth
*Transpiration: the process of releasing water from plants
Weather Factors
Atmosphere: the layers of gas that surround the Earth; all weather occurs in the
lowest layer
Air Pressure: the weight of air pushing on Earth’s surface
Humidity: the amount of water vapor in the air
Drought: a long period of very low rainfall; may last up to several years
*** A drought can be very dangerous to people, animals, and plants, since
we all need water to survive.
Weather Unit
The Difference Between Weather and Climate
Weather: the state of the atmosphere, including wind, temperature, cloudiness,
humidity, precipitation, and air pressure
*** Weather may change day-to-day; the word weather refers to the short-term
conditions in the atmosphere.
Climate: the average of all weather over time
*** Climate is the average over time, or long-term conditions in the atmosphere;
there are different climate zones all over the world.
Meteorology: the study of weather and climate
Weather Maps
*** Weather maps tell us where there are areas of high pressure, low pressure,
warm fronts, cold fronts, thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, rain, snow, and more.
*** Something to remember: warm air always rises***
Weather Map Key
Weather Map of the United States