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Don’t turn this in It is for you to study
1. Find Scandium (Sc) on the table what is the atomic number?
2. What is the atomic mass of Chromium (Cr)?
3. What is the number of neutrons for Cesium (Cs)?
4. What is the difference between atomic mass and number?
5. How do isotopes affect the atomic mass of an element?
6. What is a group on the periodic table?
7. How many groups are there?
8. What is a period on the periodic table?
9. How many periods are there?
10.What do elements in the same group have in common?
11.What is occurring periodically on this table?
12.What are the three sections that the periodic table can be
broken up into?
13.What does the staircase line separate?
14.What is a property of all metals?
15.What is a one use of metalloids?
16.Which group of elements is stable?
17.What are atoms trying to become?
18.Where are the lanthanides located?
Don’t turn this in It is for you to study
19.Where are the actinides located?
20.All elements are trying to become stable by gaining or losing
21.Who coined the word “atomos” when describing particles that
were indivisible?
22.A positively charged subatomic particle.
23.A negatively charged subatomic particle.
24.A neutron is the same size as a
25.One crazy thing about atoms is that they are
26.A subatomic particle with no charge.
27.Which two particles are found in the nucleus of an atom?]
28.It is now believed that particles that make up the protons and
neutrons are called
29.What is the name of the scientist who conducted the Famous Gold
Foil Experiment?
Just a heads up
On the test you will need to be able to label the parts of an atom.