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The Endocrine System
By: Lynn Breisch & Kayla Zegar
What is the Endocrine System?
Regulates mood, growth and development, tissue function,
metabolism, sexual function and reproductive processes.
Is in charge of slow body processes (cell growth), but
is interdependent, interconnected, and interrelated, faster
processes (breathing &body movement)
What Parts Are Involved?
How does it work?
• Hormone secreted
• Travels in bloodstream
• Binds to protein
• Transmit chemical instructions to cell
• Normal level
Example #1
• thyroid gland
secreted adequate hormones
• pituitary gland senses the
normal levels
• adjusts thyrotropin release
pituitary hormone that stimulates the thyroid
gland to produce thyroid hormones.
Example #2
• parathyroid hormone,
increases calcium level
• parathyroid glands sense
• decrease secretion
• "turnoff process" =
negative feedback
Etiology & Types
Diabetes: Condition where the blood sugar level
consistently runs too high.
• Most common endocrine disorder
• Type 1 diabetes: blood sugar problem is caused by
insulin deficiency
• Type 2 diabetes: blood sugar problem due to insulin
Diabetes Symptoms
Elevated blood sugar levels
Loss of glucose in urine
Fatigue, nausea and vomiting.
Weight loss
Infections of the bladder, skin, and vaginal areas.
• Blurred vision, lethargy, coma (extreme conditions...don't
Methods of Treatment
• Natural
• Lifestyle
• Insulin injections
• Diabetic pills
• Self-Monitor
• Education
• Foot care
Legs of diabetic with
Diabetic Dermopathy (shin
spots or pigmented
pretibial patches) --->
Foot ulcer in diabetic patient
World's tallest man 8' 11''
Other Places in World
• World Diabetes Day: November 14
• China: largest diabetic population (2.7% of adults)
• India: 2nd largest diabetic population (6% of adults)
The End