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NHS Education for Scotland – update for Learning Disability Programme Board 20/01/2014
NES Projects
National model for pre registration learning disability nursing in Scotland
Stakeholder event held on 27th November to update and promote engagement with wider
stakeholders. Priorities were captured through the discussion and these are being
developed into the action plan for 2014/15. Draft Memorandum of Understanding for HEIs
across Scotland has been circulated to stakeholders.
Promoting the use and uptake of a range of educational resources to enhance the
development of learning disability nurses knowledge and skills
Event held on 22nd October. This event provided an opportunity to showcase and enable
‘taster’ sessions of a number of NES resources, including; Foetal Alcohol Disorder, Dementia,
Effective Practitioner, e-portfolio, Learning Disability Portal, Communities of Practice,
Complex Needs and Positive Behaviour Support resources.
Developing an educational resource to support the development of knowledge and skills
in Psychological Awareness and Learning Disability
NHS Lanarkshire has been commissioned to develop this resource. This work is on track and
close to final draft.
Developing an educational resource for Health Care Support Workers that focuses on
Positive Behaviour Support and the value base of learning disability nursing
This resource has been written and is in the final editing stages before going to design and
Working with people with learning disabilities, family carers and key organisations to
develop a database of people with learning disabilities and family carers to support
This work continues.
Developing a family carer based DVD that can be drawn upon for teaching across a range
of settings.
This resource focuses on the needs of people with profound and multiple disabilities and
include sections on; health needs, family centred care, invasive procedures and end of life
and palliative care. The filming has taken place and the edited version will be reviewed on
16th January.
Developing a virtual reference group to support the expansion and embedding within
practice of the Learning Disability Portal
A small group of clinicians have met and are reviewing and updating the learning Disability
The Epilepsy Specialist Nurses are currently setting up a CoP and a training session has been
set up in October to support this work.
The Learning Disability Nurse Academic Network is now hosted as a CoP on the Learning
Disability Portal.
2014/15 Work Plan
Continued facilitation and support of the National Model including QMPLE and the
embedding of the MoU.
Deliver a framework that outlines the skills and competencies all non learning
disability student nurses should acquire within their programmes.
Support roll out through a train the trainer’s approach of the PBS Support Worker
learning resource.
Promote existing educational resources.
Further develop the database for people with learning disability and family cares
involvement in nurse education and identify support and training needs of people on
the database.
Review and develop the Learning Disability Portal.