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Disability Access
Funded by a
National Institute of Disability & Rehabilitation Research
U.S. Department Education Grant
to Spirit Lake Consulting, Inc.
AnnMaria De Mars, Ph.D.
Erich Longie
Purpose of Training
To help people with disabilities find the
services they need
To give people with disabilities, and their
families, information they can use
To help tribal members with disabilities
and their families use the Internet and
the Disability Access CD to find the
information they need
Training Design
Does not require the user OWN a
personal computer
Training will take place on the
reservation, in a computer lab similar
to where most public use will occur
The actual website and CD-ROM will be
used in the training.
Training Design
Does not require Internet access (but that
would be nice)
Does not require a CD-ROM drive
Does require EITHER Internet access OR
a CD-ROM drive
How to Use the CD
1. Insert the CD
2. Double-click on “index.html” to open
the home page.
3. Click on Disability Access (on the left
side of the page) to go to the Disability
Access site.
Notes on Design
The site is divided into modules. You can
select the modules useful to your age,
disability or interests.
The website is redundant. That is, a
person can link to the mental
retardation section from the
introduction or the page on specific
If you don’t have a CD
Open the web browser (Netscape,
Explorer or whatever you use).
Type in the following web address:
(Pay attention to what is in capital letters.
It needs to look exactly like what is
written above.)