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Human Resources
Leslie Lum
Human Resource Goals
Staffing - Planning, recruiting and selecting
people to work for the company
Motivation - Designing jobs, performance
appraisals, compensation, employee benefits
Training and Developing - Orientation,
employee training and development
Maintenance - Safety and health,
communicating key company issues,
employee relations
Human Resources and the
Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employment
discrimination in hiring, compensation and
terms based on race, religion, color, sex or
national origin
– Age Discrimination in Employment 1967 - Employees 40 - 70
years old
– Vietnam Veterans (1974)
– Pregnancy (1978) treated as any other disability
– American with Disabilities (1990) - reasonable accomodation
– Family and Medical leave (1993) - up to 12 weeks unpaid
Employee Rights
Can I have access to my personnel file?
Can the company use a credit report to decide
whether to hire me?
Can the company administer drug tests on me?
Can the company make me take a lie detector test?
Can the company fire me because they don’t like the
perfume I’m wearing?
Can the company fire me for having an obscene
picture on my personal website?
Employee Rights
Federal employees may have access to their
personnel files
Candidates rejected on the basis of credit
reports may obtain full details
Drug tests may be administered
Lie detectors can be used for security jobs
but is limited in other use
Employment-at-will - dismissal for good
cause, no cause or even bad cause as long
as it is not a legally prohibited cause
Job Description
– Duties or tasks performed
– Skills required and preferred
– Qualifications - Education and experience
Sources for Applicants
– Ads, internal, internet, job fairs
Initial Screening
– Does the applicant have the right skills and
Application form
– Create time line for background, get consent for
reference checks
– Disclaimers
Employment tests
– Skill testing, Drug testing
Background checks
– Credit, Criminal, References, Past employers
Job offer
Time off: Holidays, personal days and
Health insurance: Paying your medical,
dental, drug bills
Life insurance: If you die
Short term disability: Sick leave
Long term disability: You can’t work
Pension plan: When you retire, what will you
401K: Saving before the taxman. Your
Create Your Own Benefits
Number of holidays, personal days,
vacation days
 What would you offer and how much will
your employees pay for health
 What will be your sick leave policy?
 Will you give long term disability?
 How much will you match 401K