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Until the Portugese took over the rich African trade and brought things to
a bitter end.
But how does the Queen of Sheba fit into his-story?
Can Queen Nefertiti find her place in all this masculine glory?
Time can erase the memory of a soul,
Then the mind becomes tired, the mind becomes old,
So the great queen Isis is dethroned from the trinity,
And once great folk become indentured for eternity.
Then came invasions, Indo-Germanic and Germanic invasions of Asia,
Greek invasions of the Middle East; Roman invasions of the Middle East and
Northern Africa; Jews and Arabs became involved in the “white” slave trade . . .
The world was becoming more complex and so were its complexions.
Although these earlier societies had ample prejudices,
They weren’t stratified strictly by color—Reading Herodotus makes clear that
point—yet we are still astonished to find that Socrates was a brother.
Before truth of Moses, Abraham, Cleopatra, Aesop, Hannibal and others was told,
Our Western history separated the land from its people; was that absurdity dumb
or bold?
An Egyptian was an Egyptian; a Greek a Greek; a Hottentot was a Hottentot
The Land of the Free; Home of the Brave—are we moving backwards or what?
These twin kingdoms lasted over a thousand years; Idris Alomia was its greatest
The dominions were located on either side of Lake Chad; its mighty military
controlled everything.
It traded nuts, leather, ivory, and ostrich feathers for salt and European goods.
Their warriors were famed for horsemanship so the Lake Chad Region was free of
robbing hoods.
Thus the trade and commerce was usually not impeded; consequently, its economy
could not help but flourish.
To sustain both Kanem and Bornu for so many centuries most certainly took
strength, wisdom and courage.
How many mothers, sisters and daughters achieved their arcane aspirations,
Yet it’s the names of sons, brothers and fathers that remain preserved within the nation.
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