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The Axum Empire was eventually the new trade center, and after 1200 years,
Christian Nubia fell to Moslem rule despite all the struggling and tears.
Goddesses became gods when the pagan temples were destroyed,
Her story became his-story as sacerdotal egos became annoyed.
Time can erase the memory of a soul,
Then the mind becomes tired and old.
Ancient Ghana
Ancient Ghana should not be confused with contemporary Ghana at all.
It was the gold capital of the world, then to the Arabs it did fall.
Koumbi, its famous capital was divided into two great and powerful African cities,
Where miners found nuggets for the king while keeping the gold dust for their
own kitties,
The king and Soninke tribe lived in one area, Moslems and foreigners in the other,
The latter group taxed all goods entering into or passing through the city.
A strong army kept the Trans-Saharan trade routes open and under cover,
Until 1054, when Almoravids invaded the region for 14 years, finally conquering
it, what a pity.
How many mothers, sisters and daughters achieved their arcane aspirations,
Yet it’s the names of sons, brothers and fathers that remain preserved within the nation.
I know destructive force yield an easy way to be,
Yet the universe remains creative if you have the eyes to see.
We know the Sumerians and Hamurabi’s Babylonian kingdom of circa 2150 b.c.,
It takes much more than racist canals to change a history from sea to shining sea.
Mesopotamia was inhabited by Ethiopians and some Canaanites were Carthaginians,
Africans were certainly always African from North to South and so were India’s
Just as all Mayas, Aztecs, Incas, Choctaw, Sioux, Apache, and Eskimos are all
misnamed “Indian.”
Mali (not the Republic of Mali)
Out of the ruins of the Moslem state of Ancient Ghana around 1230 a.d.
Grew Niani, the capital of the Mandingo Empire, and strong it was to be.
Sundiata captured rich salt and gold mining areas then sent his men away,
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