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Reproductive System
What is the purpose of the
reproductive system?
Male Reproductive System
First, ________
are produced in the small seminiferous
tubules of the ______.
These oval-shaped glands are
protected by a sac called the __________.
After the
sperm cells are produced, they are stored in a large
coiled tube on the outer surface of each testicle called
the ___________.
From this tube the sperm go into a
Vas deferens which eventually
larger tube called the ___________,
carries them to the external male reproductive organ,
the ________.
Along the way sperm is nourished by a
Cowper’s gland
sugary fluid from the ______________,
a chemical
fluid from the ____________
which is the most
common site of cancer in men, and fluid from the
vesicles which are 2 small glands located near
the bladder.
These fluids plus the sperm cells combine to
form _________,
the fluid ejaculated from
the penis during __________.
Before a
male can ejaculate, the spongy tissue
surrounding the penis becomes engorged
with blood causing the penis to become
stiff and hard. This is known as an
The tube that carries the semen
from the body is the ________.
This tube
also carries ________
from the bladder.
Males can also have uncontrolled
ejaculation during sleep, which are called
Nocturnal emissions
Male Function
A. bladder- stores urine
B. Seminal vesicle- produces fluid that provides energy
for the sperm
C. Prostate gland- produces fluid that protects the
D. Cowper’s gland- produces fluid that lubricates the
E. Testes- produces sperm and testosterone
F. Skip
G. Urethra- carries urine and sperm out of body
H. Penis- male sex organ
I. Vas deferens- carries sperm to the glands
J. Epididymis- stores sperm for 2-3 days
Male Reproduction
System Problems
Hernia- occurs when part of
an organ pushes through an
opening of a membrane or
muscle. You will need
surgery to get it removed.
Condition in which a person is unable
to reproduce. Can be caused by:
 Mumps
 Smoking
 STD’s
 Exposure to chemicals
Cancer is a disease that begins in the cells
Cell Mutation
Some of the more common sites in the body
for cancer to grow are:
Breasts (for women)
Prostate gland and testicles (for men)
Cancer of the testes
It is the most common form of
cancer in men under age 35.
Testicular cancer is rare.
The age group most affected by testicular
cancer is fifteen to thirty-five year olds.
Testicular cancer is highly curable if
discovered early.
Most testicular cancer is detected by the
man himself and may present as a
painless or uncomfortable lump.
The most effective means of early
detection is monthly Testicular Self Exam
Warning Signs
Cancerous lumps are usually found on the sides of the
testicle but can also show up on the front
Feeling of heaviness in the testicle
Testicular pain or dull ache in the groin
Mass or lump (may be painless or slightly uncomfortable)
Any change in size of one or both testes
Sudden collection of fluid or blood in the scrotum
Swelling or tenderness elsewhere in the body: groin,
breast or neck
What’s NOT a Risk Factor
Impact injuries
Sexually transmitted diseases
Cancer of the prostate
Diagnosed by a doctor- can be
treated if localized in the gland
and treated early. Surgical
removal of the prostate, radiation
therapy, hormone therapy are
inflammation of the epididymis, is usually caused
by an infection, such as the std chlamydia, and
results in pain and swelling next to one of the
The Female
Reproduction System
egg cells
First, _______are
produced in two almond shaped
organs known as the _____.
ovaries During the process of
a mature egg ______
is released and
Fallopian tubes For a few days the
enters one of two _________.
egg cell travels towards the pear- shaped _____.
lining of this organ thickens in preparation for a
fertilized egg. If the egg is not fertilized by the male
It will leave the body together with the lining
of the uterus (endometrium) and a small amount of
blood. This is called _________.
The lower portion of the uterus is called the _____
and is a common site of cancer in women. The
female organ of intercourse is the ______.
vagina A
circular fold of skin is usually present at the
entrance to this organ and is called the ______.
Outside of this organ are folds of skin covered
labia Between
with pubic hair known as the _____.
these skin folds is a small, round, sensitive area
of skin called the ________.
The development of
the reproductive system is triggered by the
hormones ________
estrogen and ___________,
progesterone which
cause many physical changes in a girl. This
period of change is called __________.
Fallopian Tubescarries eggs
Ovaries- produces
and release egg cell
Endometrium- lining
of the uterus, sheds
Uterus- muscular
organ, holds baby
Cervix- base of
uterus, dilates when
baby is born
Vagina- muscular,
birth canal
Premenstrual Syndrome -PMS
Symptoms include nervous tension,
anxiety, irritability, bloating, weight
gain, depression, mood swings,
and fatigue. Can be treated with
hormone therapy.
Breast Cancer
Most common cancer and the second
leading cause of death for women. The
American Cancer Society recommends
that females examine their breasts once a
month, right after the menstrual period.
Early detection is critical for successful
treatment of breast cancer.
Cervical Cancer
• The most common cause of cervical
cancer is HPV.
Toxic Shock Syndrome- TSS
Women age 15-19 most frequent
victims, risk to women using tampons.
Signs of TSS include aching muscles,
bloodshot eyes, sore throat, sudden
high fever, vomiting, diarrhea,
dizziness, fainting, rash.
Uterine tissue grows outside the
uterus, often appearing on the
ovaries, fallopian tubes, and in
the abdominal cavity.