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Male and Female
Reproductive systems
• The body system containing the organs
that make the production of offspring
Female Reproductive system
• Key functions: store and release eggs, role in
creation of offspring, to give birth.
• Fertilization: this occurs when a sperm cell
joins with a female’s egg cell.
• Ovulation: the release of one egg cell per
month (about 28 days).
• Menstruation: when the lining of the uterus,
unfertilized egg, and blood flow out of the body.
• Menstrual cycle: hormonal changes that occur
from the beginning of one menstruation to the
next (28)
• Ovaries: contain ova, or the eggs, and
produce hormones
• Fallopian tubes: carry eggs from ovaries
to uterus
• Uterus: shelters and nourishes fetus
• Cervix: opening of the uterus
• Vagina: muscular passageway from the
uterus to the outside of the body
Male Reproductive System
• Testicles: produce sperm (male sex cell), and
• Epididymis: network of tubes behind testicle
which store sperm cells
• Vas Deferens: passageway tubes that extend
epididymis to urethra
• Seminal vesicles, prostate, and Cowper’s
gland: secrete some fluids which account for %
mixture for semen
• Semen: fluids and sperm mixture exits penis
through ejaculation