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Reproductive Vocabulary Challenge
_____1. Testosterone
A. Brings urine and semen out of body through the penis
_____2. Fetus
B. Adds a chemical fluid to the semen
_____3. Semen
C. When the penis becomes engorged with blood and hard
_____4. Fertilization
D. Where fertilization takes place
_____5. Erection
E. Glands that produce the egg cells and hormones
_____6. Prostate gland
F. First two months of development in the uterus
_____7. Ovaries
G. Organ that nourishes the fetus
_____8. Egg Cells
H. Stores sperm cells
_____9. Cervix
I. Female organ of intercourse; birth canal
_____10. Seminal Vesicles
J. Female erectile tissue between the labia
_____11. Testes
K. Houses the fetus during pregnancy
_____12. Vas Deferens
L. Adds a sugary fluid to semen
_____13. Ejaculation
M. Folds of skin outside of the vagina
_____14. Sperm Cells
N. A hormone produced in the ovaries
_____15. Scrotum
O. Cells produced in the ovaries
_____16. Vagina
P. Cells produced in the testes
_____17. Fallopian Tubes
Q. Entrance to the uterus
_____18. Embryo
R. When the semen leaves the penis
_____19. Estrogen
S. Fluid ejaculated from the penis
_____20. Uterus
T. Organ that produces sperm
_____21. Labia
U. Male hormone
_____22. Epididymis
V. Sperm cell joins egg cell
_____23. Urethra
W. Last 7 months of prenatal development
_____24. Clitoris
X. Tube that carries sperm from testes
_____25. Placenta
Z. Sac that regulates the temperature of the testes