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Define the term
Define the term
Define the term fact
What is a vestigial
structure? Give an
What is a phylogeny
Explain how phylogenies
are constructed
Discuss anatomical,
physiological and
Discuss biochemical
(DNA and protein)
characteristics as evidence
evidence for evolution
for evolution
Explain how a universal
genetic code is
evidence for evolution
Define homology and
homologous structures.
Give an example of
Define the term
Define the term
Define the term theory
Define the term law
(scientific law)
Explain how natural
Describe the process of
selection would change
natural selection
allele frequencies in a
Explain how genetic
drift changes allele
frequencies. Give an
example of a genetic
drift event.
Explain how gene flow
(migration) changes
allele frequencies in a
Explain how factors like
natural selection,
Compare allopatric to
genetic drift, migration
sympatric speciation
can effect speciation
What is the role of
mutations to evolution?
Discuss how fossils
support evolutionary