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Bill Nye: Magnetism
Name: ___________________________
1. What is Earth described as?
2. What is the most common mineral that can be made into a magnet?
3. What are the only 3 things that can stick to a magnet?
4. Magnetism comes from moving electrons. What do we call moving electrons?
5. How can you make an electromagnet?
6. What is a common magnet made of? What is the arrangement of electrons?
7. What happens when you cut a magnet in half? (ex. Is one half only a north end and the
other half only a south end?)
8. The Earth is considered a giant magnet because its core is made mostly of what two
9. What are three common household items that use magnets?
10. Where is the earth’s magnetic field the strongest?
11. Do all planets have magnetic fields? Why/Why not?
12. Are some planets magnetic fields stronger than the earths? If so, which ones?