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Greek Mythology
Greek Mythology – Stories about Greek polytheism gods and goddesses. These stories portray their
gods and goddesses as very human like. There is
often time a moral to the myths. These Myths were
some of the first written novels of the Classical
world. Ex.) Zeus, Hercules, Atlas.
Philosophy – Investigation of thought and
knowledge. (Greek philosophers Socrates,
Plato, and Aristotle.) Ex.) Can there be peace
without war?
Democracy – City-State or nation ruled by the
people. Ex.) Athens in Greece.
City-State - When a city acts as
an independent nation.
Ex. ) Athens & Sparta
Athens- Greek city-state that rose to
naval power after the defeat of the
Persians at the Battle of Salamis. Athens
is known for beginning democracy and
having philosophers flourish and other
artists flourish there.
Sparta- Rival city state to Athens.
Sparta had a military culture and
Trireme- Athenian navy ship that had three
rows of rowers and a metal rammer in the
front used to sink rival ships.
Parthenon- Pillared temple built
to honor the goddess Athena in
427 BCE in Athens.