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Job title:
Reporting to:
Senior Marketing Manager
Informa Law
Head of Marketing
1 – 2 Bolt Court, London, EC4A 3DQ
Maternity Cover
Purpose of the role:
A results orientated marketer with a track record of successful online marketing in B2B information
to drive revenue across Informa Law’s leading online subscription product i-law. The Senior
Marketing Manager is responsible for developing the marketing strategy for i-law and providing end
to end implementation and management of direct marketing campaigns and all other marketing
To develop effective online communications along with direct marketing campaigns for customer
acquisitions and usage. Marketing activities will generate high quality leads for subscriptions and
implement campaigns to drive usage. The Senior Marketing Manager is required to work across a
variety of media including: email, direct mail, PPC, social media, SEO and events with a view to
increasing sales, conversions of leads, the overall customer experience and ultimately revenue. It is
also vital that strong working relationships are developed with product portfolio marketers, sales
and editorial teams to ensure a smooth, cohesive approach to the promotion of i-law and the brands
that sit within it.
Overall responsibilities include:
Development of long and short term marketing strategies for i-law in conjunction with the
Head of Marketing.
Planning and implementation of marketing campaigns that deliver on KPI, lead generation
and revenue targets.
Identifying existing and potential target audiences and developing strategies for developing
strategies for broadening i-law’s penetration into these markets.
Tracking, analysis and budget control of all the areas that fall under the i-law marketing
Utilising an extensive internal global database, matching marketing collateral and message
with target market to achieve the most effective campaigns possible.
Growing the internal database further by carrying out gap analysis and identifying areas
where further database build is required.
Full responsibility for new media marketing strategies – including social media and
integrating with other direct marketing initiatives.
Driving customer usage of i-law through bespoke marketing campaigns, advertising, training
to increase retention rates.
Key marketing accountabilities:
Developing marketing strategies, tests and plans for i-law.
Determining the most appropriate marketing mix and channels to reach the target audience.
Developing database building strategies for i-law, prioritising cleaning and research.
Conducting subscriber analysis and using this information to create effective list selections.
Creating and testing landing pages to ensure optimum tracking and lead generation results.
Monitoring and increasing social media followers and connections.
Liaising with editorial to create effective marketing copy.
Liaising with key account and new business sales to manage and monitor lead activity.
Liaising with marketing suppliers e.g. designers, printers, email service providers and event
Managing and monitoring the marketing budget to make sure that all campaigns are carried
out within budget and achieve the required ROI.
Ensuring that all relevant teams are fully informed of the marketing strategy and results.
Ensuring that close business relationships are maintained across internal informa
departments to optimise all cross marketing opportunities.
Co-ordinating i-law’s presence at both internal and external events to maximise lead and
revenue generation.
Negotiating list swaps and contras with third parties.
Providing usage statistics to support the key account and new business sales team.
Bespoke marketing campaigns to drive usage among subscribers and training.
Analysing site data to monitor customer behaviour and usage to identify trends using
Omniture and Google Analytics.
Working closely with the key accounts and new business sales team to develop effective
marketing collateral to drive usage e.g. welcome packs, renewals proposals, hints and tips
Key performance measures
 Meet subscription volume targets
 Meet annual revenue targets
 Meet telesales leads targets
 Manage annual marketing costs to budget
 Measure performance of all marketing efforts producing monthly KPIs and a marketing report,
including measuring ROI & RR.
Administrative tasks
 Daily administration of new trial leads for the new business sales team.
 Sending out weekly email bulletin Lloyd’s Law Reporter as part of the i-law and Lloyd’s Law
Reports subscription packages.
 Ad hoc running of client specific usage stats.
 Monthly and ad hoc reports.
 Meetings and meeting preparation.
 Briefings for internal teams of changes and developments of the i-law product.
Personal Spec
- You will be highly numerate - this will be tested early in the interview process
- Significant digital marketing experience
- SEO, PPC and social media marketing experience essential
- Online product marketing experience essential
- DM Marketing Experience
- Experience of working with customer databases and SAP system preferable
- Advanced Excel skills
- A graduate with at least a 2:1 degree and a CIM qualification
- Have the ability to work autonomously using common sense and initiative
- Have exceptional organisational and time-management skills
- Highly literate and have an exceptional level of attention to detail
- Knowledge of legal field and publication marketing experience desirable
- You must have excellent communication skills and want to work in a team orientated
To apply for this role email your CV and Linkedin URL to Sarah Cook, Head of Marketing, Legal
Products, IBI [email protected] as soon as possible.