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1) Which is not one of the 4 steps in evolution by natural selection?
a. Variation among individuals
b. Different survival/reproduction between individuals
c. Change in genetic composition of population
d. Adapting organisms to a future environment
e. Evolution
2) What is relative fitness?
a. The number of gene copies a phenotype places in the next generation
b. An organisms true Darwinian fitness
c. The fitness of a phenotype compared to other phenotypes
d. Natural selection operating at the individual level
e. Retrospective Natural selection
3) What type of selection does overdominance exert on a population?
a. Purifying selection
b. Directional selection
c. Balancing selection
d. Frequency-dependent selection
e. Spatially/temporally varying selection
4) Are fishes a clade?
a. Yes
b. No
5) The independent evolution of similar structures in distant taxa is known as:
a. apomorphy
b. homoplasy
c. synapomorphy
d. homology
e. monophyly
6) Please write two questions you have on the paper for this week