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SWMS 8th Grade Honors Biology Syllabus
Honors Biology is open to above average 8th graders who are interested in preparing for college
entrance. Topics addressed include introductory biochemistry, cellular structure and function,
metabolism, mitosis & meiosis, genetics, elementary plant biology, photosynthesis, life processes,
diversity of organisms, ecology, and biomes. This class has extremely high expectations and standards,
which students must meet. Students should be able to be self-motivated and disciplined to complete
homework nightly. In addition, students are expected to read on or above grade level. Laboratory
studies are included along with course learning strategies.
Text to be used:
A. Themes of Biology
B. Scientific Method
C. Measurement/Tools
D. How Population Change
A. Classification
B. Plants
1. Non Vascular Plants
2. Seedless Plants
3. Plants with Seeds
C. Fungi
1. Characteristics
2. Kinds of Fungi
D. Animals
1. Simple Invertebrates
2. Complex Invertebrates
3. Vertebrates
E. Protists
1. Protozoans
2. Algae
3. Bacterial Diseases
F. Bacteria (Monerans)
1. Archaebacteria
2. Eubacteria
3. Bacterial Diseases
G. Viruses
1. Living Or Non-Living
2. Viral Diseases
A. Ecosystems
B. Communities
C. Conserving Wild Life
II. What are Living Things Made of
A. Chemicals of Life
B. Organic Molecules
C. Nucleic Acids
1. DNA & RNA
2. How Proteins are made
D. Cell Structure & Functions
E. Homeostasis
A. Photosynthesis
B. Cellular Respiration
How Cells Reproduce
A. Genes & Chromosomes
B. Mitosis & Cell Division
C. Meiosis
A. Fundaments of Genetics
B. Human Genetics
C. Applied Genetics
1. Controlled Breeding
2. Genetic Engineering
History of Life on Earth
A. Natural Selection
B. Geologic Time Scale
IX. Comparative Anatomy of Organisms