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Grade 10 Science Unit 1
Ecosystems Unit Review
1. Read notes carefully!
2. Review worksheets and quiz.
3. Compare and contrast the following terms:
a. Ecosystem, Community, Population
b. Pyramid of numbers, Pyramid of biomass, pyramid of energy
c. Intraspecific competition, interspecific competition
d. Density dependent factors, density independent factors
e. Photosynthesis, Cellular respiration (know the reactants and products
of both processes)
f. Nitrogen fixation, Nitrification, Denitrification
g. Primary succession, secondary succession
4. Short answer
h. Explain why decomposers important to an ecosystem.
i. Use a pyramid to show energy flow in an ecosystem. How much
energy is lost at each trophic level?
j. Explain the four factors that affect the carrying capacity of a population
in an ecosystem.
k. Explain why respiration and photosynthesis might be thought of as
opposite processes.
l. Define and bioaccumulation and describe how and why it occurs.
m. Draw a diagram for the carbon cycle and label the key parts. Explain
the impacts human activity has on the carbon cycle.
n. Draw a diagram for the nitrogen cycle and label the key parts. Explain
the role of the three different types of bacteria.
o. List the components of soil and their importance in supporting life.
p. List several characteristics of soil and how they affect the productivity
of the soil.
q. Describe the human impact on:
i. Carbon cycle
ii. Nitrogen cycle
iii. Succession
r. List the stages of succession from pioneer organisms to a climax
s. Use a food web and population analysis to give an example of how a
change in one part of an ecosystem can cause many changes in other
parts of a food web.
v. Explain the process of Bioaccumulation as related to pesticide use. Ex.
The Effect of DDT.