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Centromere – serves as an attachment site for sister chromatids and spindle
Chromatid – one half of a replicated chromosome which is joined to the
other half at the centromere
Sister Chromatids – two identical copies of a parent chromosome which are
attached to one another at the centromere
Spindle fibers – protein structures which move the chromosomes during cell
Chromosomes – discrete structures which occur in eukaryotic cell nuclei,
contain one or two DNA double helices (in their unreplicated and replicated
forms respectively), and are associated with protein especially when
Cytokinesis – division of the cytoplasm, usually at the end of nuclear division
Daughter cell – one of two cells resulting from the division of a single cell
DNA synthesis – DNA synthesis takes place during S phase of the cell cycle;
the two strands of a DNA double helix separate and each serves as a
template for synthesis of complementary daughter strand.