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Chapter 10 Quest: Study Guide
What does Islam mean in Arabic?
Submitting to the will of God
What system of law regulates the family life, moral conduct, and the business and
community life of Muslims?
What division of Islam believes that only a relative of Muhammad is qualified to
be a caliph?
Shia or Shiite
Why was the Hijrah important?
Muhammad gained power and followers
What was the academic subject developed by al-Khwarizmi and originally called al-jabr
known by today?
Towards what city do Muslims pray?
Who did Muslims consider the people of the book?
Jews and Christians
What was the main difference between the Sunni and Shi’a branches of Islam?
 They don’t agree on who the next leader or caliph should be
 Shi’a – branch of Islam whose members believe that the blood line or descendants or
Muhammad should rule
 Sunni – The best Muslim male should be the next ruler, who is the best “fit” and not
necessarily someone who is a descendant of Muhammad
Explain and describe the Five Pillars of Islam.
Pray – they pray five times a day facing Mecca
Alms – it’s required that you give a percent of your money to the poor
Journey – travel to Mecca at least once if you are physically or financially able
Faith – they state “there is not god but God and Muhammad is the prophet
Fasting – they fast from sunrise to sunset during the month of Ramadan
Describe three similarities and three differences between Christianity, Judaism and Islam
Holy book – C – Bible, J- Torah and I Quran
Place of worship – C – church, J – Temple or Synagogue and I –mosques
Religious leaders – C – priest or pastor, J – rabbi, and I – Imam
Sabbath – C – Sunday, J- Saturday and I – Friday
The first of the three similarities are that all three have a holy book.
The difference between them is in Christianity it’s the Bible, in Judaism it’s the Torah and in
Islam it’s the Qur’an. The next similarity is that all three religions have a place of worship.
The difference is that in Christianity it’s a church, in Judaism it’s the temple or Synagogue,
and in Islam it’s a mosque. Finally the last similarity between the three religions is that all
three have religious leaders. The difference is that in Christianity you have your pastor or
priest, in Judaism you have your Rabbi, and in Islam you have your Imam.