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Megan Morrow
Megan Sullivan
Jordan Reiche
Shaina Lidd
4/7/08 History
Judaism, Christianity and Islam
Monotheistic- only believe in one God and do not worship others, or idols
All believe Abraham is linked to being the forefather of their religion
Jerusalem has been a holy city to each religion
Followers of each religion pray
Each religion has a designated place for worship
Each religion has numerous prophets, although one may be considered of more
importance than another
Both Jesus and Muhammad were persecuted and withstood much cruelty
The angel Gabriel came to Muhammad as Allah had asked him
They all have holidays to commemorate prophets or Gods
They all have a holy book
Each claim close to, or a billion followers around the world
Each believe when one dies they will go to either heaven or hell
Judaism and Islam believe that Jesus was both a man and prophet
Baptism, communion, Confirmation, Bat mitzvahs
They worship God because it gives them faith and a