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Monotheistic Belief Systems
HONORS Global Studies 9
You will be involved in creating a portion of an ABC Book
of the Fascinating World of Islam. You will be part of a
team where each individual will be assigned a minimum of
five letters of the alphabet. (Each group needs to agree
how to separate the letters in an acceptable manner to
cover all 26 letters.)
Make sure the following categories are covered in your
ABC book:
*Muslims who made major contributions
*Cities of importance
*Facts relating to trade
*Facts that relate to innovations/inventions
*Expansion of Islam
*Architectural contributions
(The book is not limited to these categories.)
*Once you are assigned your letters and agree to which
of the above categories you are responsible for, use
a number of resources to find words that relate to
the Islamic Empire.
*Once you have listed several possible words for the
letters you have been assigned, narrow your list to
one specific word.
*Further research that word and then summarize what
you have learned in your own words. You should have
a detailed description of the word that shows a
clear connection to the Islamic Empire and evidence
of research. Each summary should have a minimum of
four facts. Do not list facts, but write them in
paragraph form.
*A color visual must accompany each word. It must
show a direct connection to the
word/definition/description. (You are allowed to
generate your visuals with a computer.)
*Make sure you write your name on the letters you
create so you can be evaluated for the work you do
as an individual.
*Your final draft should be typed, written in black felt
tip, or color pencil. (As a group you should agree to
the format of your book so all pages look the same.)
*A bibliography with a minimum of three resources
should be included at the back of your book.
M stands for Mosque
The beautiful picture above is an inside look of the spectacular
Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. This Mosque, ordered to be built
in 691 by Abd al-Malik, is considered by many to be the first
Muslim architectural masterpiece. The site on which it stands, is
considered to be the site of many important events such as the
place of Adam's burial; the site where Abraham was tested by
God and ordered to sacrifice his son; and the spot where
Muhammad began his night journey.
A – Abbasid Caliphate: Al-Andalus
B – Baghdad: Ibn Battuta
C – calligraphy: Cordoba/Cordova, Spain
D – Damascus: Delhi Sultanate
E – Islamic Engineering (dams, windmills, etc..)
F – Five Pillars of Islam
G – Muslim Geometric Patterns
H – House of Wisdom
I – Islamic Hospitals: Imans
J – Jerusalem: Java, Indonesia
K – Khwarizmi: Kaaba
L – Islamic literature ex: The Thousand and One Nights:
Links to Judaism and Christianity
M – Mughal Empire: Moors
N – NETWORK of Muslim Trade
O – Ottoman Empire: Muslim observatories
P – People of the Book
Preservation of Greek and Roman Knowledge by
Q – Qur’an (Koran): The Quraysh
R – Ibn RUSHD (Averroes): Rightly guided caliphs
S – Safavid Empire: Ibn SINA
T – Battle at TOURS, France (732 AD)
Seljuk TURKS
U – Islamic city and URBAN planning
Leadership by UMAR and UTHMAN
V – Verses of the Qur’an (Koran)
W – Contrast between WESTERN (Europe) and Islamic
West African Muslims
X – eXamples of Islamic poetry
 (poets pf al-AAndalus (100-1200AD)
Z – Zakat: Muslim ZOOLOGY
Fascinating World of Islam Evaluation Sheet
Word descriptions/summaries:
Content/Evidence of Research __________ /25
Four fact minimum __________ /20
Spelling/Punctuation/Grammar/Paragraph structure __________ /15
Were events clearly stated and appropriate? __________ /20
Page Layout/Art
Overall layout/neatness/visual appeal __________ /10
Color borders clearly connect to definition __________ /10
Color visual-clear connection to definition and summary __________ /10
Variety of visuals __________ /5
Bibliography __________ /5
Total __________ /100