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Educational Leadership: An
Islamic Perspective
Saeeda Shah, 2006
Relationship to Internationalization
 Gender
 Identity
Discussion Questions:
1.) Do you believe that your level of
“devoutness” influences whether your
religious affiliation is conceptualized as
part of your personal identity?
Educational Leadership
Educational leadership in context
Islam, knowledge and self
Islam, education and leadership
Discussion Questions:
2.) What do you think
are the implications of
educational leaders
having the same
authority as parents
in this society?
Educational Leadership
Educational leadership and Muslim communities
Educational Leadership
Implications in societies where Muslims are a minority
Overlaps in conceptual frameworks of educational
Agenda for research into Islamic educational leadership
in Britain
Discussion Questions:
3.) In Canada’s diverse society, what do you think
we need to do in order to assist educational
leaders in terms of gender, ethnic background or
sexual orientation?