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Islamic Golden Age
Joseph Haglund
Bad Rap for
The Islamic Golden Age refers to
the period in Islam's history during
the Middle Ages when much of the
Muslim world was ruled by various
caliphates, experiencing a scientific,
economic, and cultural flourishing
According to the Qur’an, Muslims
have a duty to care for the sick no
matter what the circumstances. It
is believed that Allah had sent a
cure for every ailment and it is the
duty of Muslims to care for the
body and spirit.
One of the major contributions of
the Islamic age was the
establishment of hospitals. These
were paid for by charitable
donations that were called the
Zakat tax. These hospitals were
among the first to be open 24
hours 7 days a week and require
their physicians to have
During the Islamic Golden Age
the people contributed many new
and innovative ideas to the world.
One of these people was Ibn AlHaytham. Al-Haytham was very
important in the history of the
scientific method. He is often
considered the worlds first true
Many others contributed to the
development of algebra,
algorithms and Arabic
numerals. Jabbir Ibn-Hayyan
was a well known scholar and
considered the “Father of
Alchemy” which was the
medieval version of chemistry.
Author: Joseph Haglund
Last Updated: April 22, 2015
Reprinted from: Scholarly Voices