Download Achievements of the Islamic states from 600 to 1600

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• What is Islam?
• Where did Islam originate?
• Who was Muhammad?
• Where was the Islamic Empire?
• What do you know of the building of Baghdad?
• What was the Abbasid Empire?
• Do you know any Islamic words connected with science or maths?
• Do you know of any other achievements from the Islamic world (e.g. Islamic architecture or
Part 2
Working alone, with a partner or in groups of up to four, you are going to make a booklet about the
achievements of the Islamic states from ad 600 to 1600. Topics can be chosen from the following
• Art and architecture
• Medicine
• Science
• Mathematics
• Astronomy
If you are working alone, choose one topic; if you are working in a pair, choose two areas and if you are
in a group of three or four, choose up to four of the topics. Arrange with partners/group members to
share out the work evenly. How you work is up to you, but each topic must be thoroughly researched
and written. © Susie Hodge (2010)
Resources for Teaching History 11–14. London: Continuum.
Read the following list of questions and jot down any answers you can in your rough books:
Part 1
Achievements of the Islamic states from 600 to