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“Islam: Empire of Faith” (part two)
1. How did the hajj contribute to cultural diffusion (and the spread of Islam)? (1:45)
2. Describe the glory of the Islamic city of Baghdad. (3:45)
3. What was the House of Wisdom, and what happened there? (6:15)
4. Why were scientists dispatched across the empire? What does this tell you about the Islamic empire? How were
Muslim scientists different from Christian scientists at the time? (7:45)
5. What developments did Islamic scholars make to: (8:30-15:45)
Transmission of knowledge:
6. How did the Muslims change life in Spain? (16:00)
7. How did European culture compare to Muslim culture during this time period? (19:00)
8. Why did the relationship between Christians and Muslims become confrontational during the European Middle
Ages? What happened? (23:00)
9. Who makes the call to Crusade? When? Why could the Christians have not chosen a better moment? (24:45)
10. Faith launched the Muslim empire but what ultimately united it? Explain its impact on Muslim success in trade. How
do Muslims become great craftsmen? What was the economic backbone? (35:45)
11. How did the Crusades impact European civilization? (44:30)
12. Which group eventually brought the Islamic civilization (and golden age) to its demise? Describe their lifestyle and
tactics. How did their view of Islam change over time? (47:30)