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Air Pollution 1. PowerPoint Notes
Clean air consists of:
Very small amounts of argon, carbon dioxide and water vapor.
We breathe ______________ gallons of air each day.
When harmful substances reach unhealthy levels we call this “air pollution.”
Air Pollution
Most air pollution is ___________________
Natural air pollution includes ____________________, dust, pollen, and spores.
______________________: one that is put directly into the air by human activity ex. soot
__________________________: forms when two primary pollutants react in air, or when
one combines with a naturally occurring substance ex. ground level ozone
Carbon monoxide (CO)
Odorless, colorless, poisonous
Produced by the ________________________________________________
Sources include __________________, burning propane or natural gas indoors,
_____________ Americans die each year from accidental CO poisoning
Affects blood’s ability to ______________________
What are the main sources of CO in Iowa?
Nitrogen Oxides (NOX)
From____________________, _________________________________, industry
Makes your body vulnerable to ____________________________and cancer
What are the main sources of NOX in Iowa?
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)
Produced by interactions between ______________and ___________________
Comes from burning of __________________________which contain sulfur
Contributes to _______________________as sulfuric acid
Harms plants and irritates human respiratory system
What are the main sources of SO2 in Iowa?
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
Organic compounds that easily become __________________
________________are a major source, also found in household products (________,
varnish, dry cleaned clothing, air freshener)
Contribute to ____________formation
Cause serious health problems including cancer
What are the main sources of VOC in Iowa?
Particulate Matter (PM)
Tiny particles of ____________or ____________
Fine particles come from___________, coal burning power plants. Coarse particles come
from cement plants, mining and _____________Can form clouds that_____________________.
Can cause a variety of respiratory problems and cancer.
What are the main sources of PM in Iowa?
Secondary Pollutants
Ozone (O3) is a gas composed of ___________oxygen atoms.
It is not usually emitted directly into the air, but at ground-level is created by a
________________________between oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and volatile organic
compounds (VOC) in the presence of____________.
Ozone has the same chemical structure whether it occurs miles above the earth or at
ground-level and can be "good" or "bad," depending on its location in the atmosphere.
Ozone: _________________________________
High Altitude ________________________from harmful UV rays.
Man-made chemicals, such as___________, have depleted our ozone layer.
Since ____________ we have practically eliminated the use of ozone depleting
Our ozone layer is _____________
Health Effects of Ground level ozone
Airway irritation, ____________, and __________when taking a deep breath;
_______________and breathing difficulties during exercise or outdoor activities;
_______________, which is much like a sunburn on the skin;
Aggravation of _______________and increased susceptibility to respiratory illnesses like
pneumonia and bronchitis
Permanent ______________________with repeated exposures.