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Greek Gods and Goddesses
Picture of Greek Mythology Here
Your Name
The Date (Using full name for month, day and year)
Your teacher’s name
Watch the Brain Pop video on Greek gods. Answer the following questions in complete sentences.
•How many gods and goddesses did the Ancient Greeks believe in?
•How many of them lived on Mt. Olympus?
•Who was the leader of the all the gods?
• In what ways did Ancient Greeks worship the gods?
• Put a map of Ancient Greece here. It
must show the location of Mt.
Twelve Gods and Goddesses of
Mt. Olympus
God or Goddess of ?
Name of Your God,
Goddess or Creature
Write an 8-10 sentence paragraph describing your
god, goddess or creature. Include 10 facts you
collected online. You can describe their purpose,
their relationships to other gods, and a myth
about them.
• Line Drawing of your
person or creature
with a callout
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