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Gallery Walk of Greek Gods &
EQ: What were the religious
beliefs of the ancient Greeks?
What is a myth?
• A myth is a kind of a story.
• Characteristics include one or more:
-About gods or supernatural beings with greater
powers and abilities than humans
-explain origins and how world came to be
-take place a long, long time ago and passed down
through time by oral story telling
-thought to be true when told by original
What is the purpose of myths?
• They can explain how things came to beorigin of universe or the creation of
• They teach people the values and beliefs
that are important in their society.
• They contain deep, religious significance
to the people who tell them and believe
Do myths really matter?
• Yes!! Reference to Greek mythology is all around us in
our world
• Examples:
-Ever heard of Nike athletic gear? Nike was a goddess of
personification and victory.
-What would Valentine’s Day be without Cupid? Cupid, or
Eros, is the God of love as the Greeks called him.
Does Apollo 13 ring a bell? The first crewed US space
missions were named for Apollo, the god of archery and
Gallery Walk
• You will be with a table partner today to learn
about the Greek Gods/Goddesses.
Fill in your graphic organizers as you travel from
picture to picture in the gallery.
Voices should be a level 1- Your in a museum,
No more than 4 people at a picture!
You will have 20 minutes to complete this walk!
Create a Facebook page for your favorite God or Goddess:
Status Update-Creative sentence of how he/she is feeling
Friends-Who might your god or goddess’s friends be?
Wall Post: What might their friends say to them?
Basic Information-see sheet
Interests: Based on what you’ve learned, what hobbies or
things might they be interested in?
Favorite Song- Choose a song whose lyrics represent your
About Me- How would your god or goddess describe him or
EQ: What were some of the
cultural achievements of ancient