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Name: __________________________________
God/dess: ____________
Greek Gods Bio Poems
Now that we are familiar with the Greek gods and goddesses and their relationships, we are going
to write biopoems about each of them. These look like the following format:
1) Greek Name.
2) Four Traits of Character.
3) Relative of ____ (1-3 people).
4) Lover of _____ (1-3 things or people).
5) Who feels _____ (1-3 things).
6) Who needs ____ (1-3 things).
7) Who fears ____ (1-3 things).
8) Who gives _____ (1-3 things).
9) Who would like to see ____ (1-3 things).
10) Resident of ______.
11) Roman Name.
Goddess of Love! Beauty and Fertility.
A daughter of Zeus and Dione; wife of Hephaestus.
Lover of son Cupid and grace and charm.
Who feels trapped in her marriage.
Who needs a chariot.
Who fears War, Athena and Hera.
Who gives beauty to all.
Resident of Mt. Olympus.
Now, using your assigned god or goddess, create a biopoem. Refer to your notes to find
information to put in there!