Download Mythology Project: THE PANTHEON (OLYMPIAN GODS): A FAMILY

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Mythology Project:
You will be researching the Greek Pantheon to create a family tree using the
free online family tree creator, . You will need to create
a family tree that includes all the Greek gods from our book and notes. Your
family tree will begin with Cronus and Rhea. You will need to include at
least one works cited page entry that you used to help you create your family
tree. Please carefully read the directions in this project to see how to
manipulate FamilyEcho. You will have _________________ and _________________ in class; any
additional time you need must be done as homework. If you have extra time, you can add to your Greek Gods
Family Tree (there are many demi-gods, heroes, etc. that various gods and goddesses gave birth to) for an
additional 25 points extra credit, dependent on the effort given to the project. Please check the rubric for how I
will be grading this project.
Informal Works Cited:
Please fill out the lines below with any sources you used to help you with this project. Websites will need a title
and URL; books will need a book title and author. If you need more room, use a separate sheet of paper and
staple it to this assignment sheet.