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Lesser Gods Cloze Activity
1. The God of Love:
_________________________ is his Greek name, but he is known as Cupid in _________________________.
Plato believed that he was in most men’s _________________________ but not in those that have become
hardened. Hesiod said he was the “Fairest of the deathless gods, but _________________________ didn’t even
write about him.
As a youth he was beautiful and _________________________. He was also known to be a
_________________________ or naughty boy. The proverb “Love is blind” came about because he often was
depicted wearing a _________________________.
2. Hebe was the Goddess of Youth. Her parents were Zeus and _________________________. She married
3. The Goddess of the Rainbow was _________________________.
4. The Graces are Aglaia _________________________, Euphrosyne _________________________, and Thalia
_________________________. They are usually treated as one entity, a triple incarnation of grace and beauty
5. There were _________________________(#) muses. In the beginning they were treated as one. Later each had
her own field. These fields include _________________________, _________________________, tragedy, comedy,
_________________________, _________________________, love-poetry, songs of the gods, and lyric poetry.
6. Besides Poseidon, there were other Gods of the waters. Ocean was a great _________________________
encircling the earth. His wife was _________________________. Nereus was called the Old Man of the Sea. He
had 50 daughters with his wife; they were called _________________________. The trumpeter of the sea was
7. Hades and Persephone had many other beings and regions associated with the Underworld. Two
divisions of the Underworld are Tartarus, the _________________________ of the two, and
_________________________, where the dead pass. Charon the aged _________________________ ferries souls across
the river Cocytus. Cerberus is the three headed dog that guards the _________________________. Three judges
_________________________, Minos, and _________________________ send the wicked to torment and the good to
the _________________________ _________________________. The furies or _________________________ punish evildoers.
8. _________________________ was part man and part goat. He is Hermes’ son. Like Pan, _________________________
are goat-men. _________________________ are half man half horse; they were wild. The _________________________
lured sailors to their death with their beautiful songs, but the _________________________ were earth-dwellers.
Two were immortal, but one was not. The third was the notorious Medusa.
9. The Romans were very religious, but they didn’t have much of an imagination, so they borrowed many
of the gods from the Greeks. _________________________ was the Roman god of Good Beginnings. Saturn was
married to _________________________.