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Ancient China
Chapter 7 (pages 225-229)
Guiding Questions:
1. What are the TWO rivers in China
Huang He (Yellow River)
AND what are they also known as?
Chang Jiang (Yangtze River)
2. Why was the Yellow River called
When the river overflowed, many people would drown and many homes destroyed.
3. What is the first known dynasty?
Shang Dynasty
4. What is an aristocrat?
Warlords and other royal officials. They were nobles whose wealth came from the land they
“ China’s Sorrow”?
5. What two types of characters were
Pictograph –characters that stand for objects
found on the oracle bones? Define.
Ideographs – Another type of character that join two or more pictographs to represent
an idea.
6. Why did the Shang dynasty end?
7. Who rebelled against the Shang
Because there was a large gap between the rich and the poor.
They treated their people cruelly.
Wu Wang
and won?
Answer to Guiding Question: