Download Chapter 5 Section 1 China`s First Civilizations Thursday April 17, 2014

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Social Studies Quiz- Chapter 5 Section 1
China’s First Civilizations
Thursday April 17, 2014
The quiz will consist of 10 questions. There will be 5 matching questions and 5
short answer questions where you will either complete a sentence or write a short
answer to a question or statement. Each question will be worth 10 points for a total
of 100 points.
Please know the definition to the following words:
Mandate p. 282
Bureaucracy p. 281
Aristocrats p. 279
Ideograph p. 280
Pictograph p. 280
Please know the answers to following questions?
1. What is the Period of Warring States? P. 283
2. What is the body of water called that gets it name from the yellow soil it
carries? P. 277 * the actual name of the river*
3. What was China’s first capital? P. 278
4. Who led a rebellion against the Shang and created a new dynasty? P. 281
5. What gave a Zhou king the power to rule? P. 282
6. What did the Shang people worship?
7. How were oracle bone used?
8. What were the technological advancements of the Zhou dynasty?
9. How did ancient Chinese kings maintain control of their dynasties?