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Questio: How did the Mandate
of Heaven explain the change in
Chinese leadership?
Nunc Agenda: You are a
cashier at McDonald’s. What kind of
behavior would make you employee
of the month, and what would get
you fired?
Yellow River (aka Huang
Dynastic Cycle
• Early Chinese Dynasties
– Xia (possibly fictional)
– Shang
– Zhou
– Qin (or Chin)
– Han
• Mandate of Heaven
– Approval to rule from the gods (divine right)
– Gained or lost based on how well you rule
– Continuous circle of changing dynasties
Which makes more sense?
A. Because the computers were
broken, the employee could not do
his job perfectly.
B. Because the employee did not do
his job perfectly, the computers
Quick Points
• Called themselves the
Middle Kingdom
– Ethnocentrism- belief
that one's own ethnic
group or culture is
• Earliest Chinese
characters were written
on Oracle Bones
• Built Great Wall to keep
out invaders
Shang & Zhou
Qin & Han
Group Subsections
1. The Han Dynasty Strengthens China
2. Shi Huandi Unifies China
3. The Zhou Dynasty Further Defines
4. Achievements Abound in Early China
5. Achievements of the Han Golden Age
6. China Begins to Take Shape Under
the Shang Dynasty
7. Two Major Belief Systems Take Root
in China
Presentation Order
Read Chapter 3 Sections 4 & 5. As
you read, answer the “Checkpoint”
questions (10 in total) in complete
sentences on loose leaf.
Make sure to include your name and
class number and write neatly!