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Early Chinese Dynasties
Shang Dynasty 1766-1122 B. C.
First dynasty with
written records
Oracle bones- shells and
bones that contained writing
Major city- Anyang
Shang Achievements
Bronze work
Carvings from marble
and jade
Use of wheel
Silk making
Writing system
contained pictographs
Three main classes
Filial piety
Belief in ancestral spirits
Worships many deities
Mandate of Heaven
Used to justify taking
The right to rule came
from Heaven
First used by Zhou
Zhou Dynasty 1122-221 B. C.
Expanded Chinese territory
Iron-working was introduced
Confucianism and
Daoism emerge
Years of warfare
between nobles
Ch’in (Qin) Dynasty 221206B.C.
First Chinese empire
Shi Huangdi- first emperor
Achievements of Ch’in
United China
Single law code
Uniform standards for weights and measures
Built roads
Began Great Wall