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Class Period
Critical Thinking Questions
1. What was the social class system of the Zhou Dynasty and how did it differ from that of the
Shang? What were the advantages and disadvantages of each? (2 examples for each)
2. Explain how the dynastic cycle and the mandate of heaven work together. How could it work to
the advantage of a dynasty? How could it work to the disadvantage of a dynasty?
3. Explain how the writing on the oracle bones inspired the characters of today’s Chinese writings.
4. How might the Shang beliefs in multiple gods and Shang Di influence religious and philosophical
(thinkers and theorists on the meaning of life and how it should be lived) leaders like Confucius
(Confucianism) and Laozi (Daoism)?
5. What was the Golden Age of Cultural Achievement in China? What are some lasting memories
from this time?
6. What is the Silk Road and what did it link this region to?