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Early Civilizations in the East: 6000 B.C. to 206 B.C.,
Chapter 2 Student Study Guide 10 page 2
B. Hindu Beliefs
1. Hindu gods are many faces of _________________
2. ___________________ is the rebirth of the soul into a new body
3. People are born into one of four __________
4. People who broke their __________ rules were __________and became
C. Sanskrit
1. Hindus wrote ________________________ in Sanskrit
2. Base for all ____________________
IV. Section 4: Ancient China (pp. 66–68)
A. Geography
1. Kept China ____________from other peoples
B. Rivers
1. The __________ is the longest and most important river in China
2. The ______________often floods and is called _____________
3. ____________ joins two important rivers and was built by ____________
C. Great Wall
1. Was built to _____________________________________
2. Guards looked from ____________________ to see invaders
V. Section 5: The History of Ancient China (pp. 69–72)
A. Shang Dynasty
1. Was China’s ______________dynasty.
2. A dynasty is a ___________ that rules a country over a long period of time.
B. Writing
1. The Chinese first wrote in __________ , then in ________ , or characters.
2. _______________ could read and write.
C. Ancestor Worship
1. Shang people respected their ancestors’ _______________
2. Important part of the _______________
D. Shang Decline
1. Shang _______________ divided between rich and poor
2. The poor welcomed ________ and the dynasty __________ , or fell apart.
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