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BIO 313 SI
Supplemental Instruction
Iowa State University
What are some characteristics of a model organism? Come up with a model organism and
explain why it would be a good model.
Explain the Central Dogma
3. Match the vocabulary word to the definition
a. Transmission genetics
1. Changes in gene and allele frequencies within groups
of individuals of the same species over time
b. Population genetics
c. Molecular genetics
2. Structure, organization, function of gene
3. Concerned with the inheritance of genes from
one generation to the next
4. Explain how the pangenesis theory of heredity works
5. How does the Germ-plasm theory differ from pangenesis?
6. Which one is correct?
7. Matthias Jacob Schleiden and Theodor Schwann proposed something known as the cell
theory. What are 3 key components of the cell theory?
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8. (True/ False)
A .Genes blend and mix
B. All life is composed of cells, and cells only arise from preexisting cells
C. All cells contain a complete set of genetic information
D. Adenine and Cytosine are the purines
9. Explain why the tetranucleotide theory is not correct.
10. What 3 components make up a nucleotide?
11. Draw a ribose molecule. What makes ribose differ from deoxyribose and what are the
consequences of that change?