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Learning Objectives for Kalat’s Biological Psychology, 9e
Learning Objectives
Chapter 1 The Major Issues
Module 1.1 The Mind-Brain Relationship
1. Be able to describe four kinds of biological explanations of behavior and give an
example of each.
2. Understand the two major positions concerning the relationship between the brain and
conscious experience.
3. Know which kinds of problems are thought to be “hard” or “easy.”
4. Be able to describe the professionals who conduct neuroscience research and who
provide clinical treatment for psychological, neurological, and psychiatric disorders.
Module 1.2 The Genetics of Behavior
5. Understand the concept of Mendelian genetics.
6. Be able to describe the relationship between DNA, RNA, and proteins.
7. Understand the concepts of dominant and recessive genes, sex-linked and sex-limited
genes, and sources of variation in the course of evolution.
8. Understand the concept of heritability and reasons why it can be overestimated.
9. Be able to discuss natural selection and the goals and criticisms of evolutionary
Module 1.3 The Use of Animals in Research
10. Understand the reasons for animal research.
11. Be able to discuss the ethical debate concerning the use of animals in research.
12. Be able to describe the regulatory committees that oversee animal research.